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Dear SMS Community,

We are laser-focused on revolutionizing our classrooms, not just for the sake of change, but for the betterment of every student and teacher who walks through our doors. We want to create classrooms that allow our students to focus on changing the world, and not on chairs that pinch their legs. 

Imagine a classroom where comfort reigns supreme, where every chair, every desk, every corner is meticulously designed to foster not just learning, but a sense of belonging. A place where students feel safe to explore, to question, to dream. This is the vision we strive for—a vision where our learning environment is supercharged with possibility.

But we cannot achieve this vision alone. We need you, our community, to join us. Your support, whether through purchasing specific items or funding entire classrooms, holds the power to drive real, tangible impact, now.

Let us together unlock the limitless potential that resides within our present and future leaders, one classroom at a time. Every gift, no matter how big or small, is a key that unlocks a world of opportunities for our students, inspiring generations to reach higher.

With unwavering hope and boundless gratitude,


Leave a Legacy, Fund a classroom

Invest in a comprehensive classroom renovation aimed at enhancing student comfort and optimizing the learning environment.

When you sponsor a classroom, you'll have the opportunity to name the space, and a commemorative plaque will be displayed in recognition of your generous contribution.

If you're interested in funding a classroom or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Janine Cowie.

Buy a classroom

Fund Individual classroom items

Browse and shop the items listed below just like you would on any other online store. Add as many items to your cart as you'd like, and proceed to checkout to pay using your debit or credit card. If you require an alternative payment method, please reach out to Janine Cowie.

You can also make a general donation to support this campaign by clicking here.

Please be aware that items may be subject to change as we assess the specific needs of each classroom and finalize our design direction. Every generous donation will directly support the classroom needs of our students and teachers.

Flex Z-Frame Chair
Flex Z-Frame Chair Sale price$177.00
Hexagonal Student Desk
Hexagonal Student Desk Sale price$220.00
General Donation to The Red Blazer Fund
Cantilever Chair
Cantilever Chair Sale price$100.00
General Donation to The Red Blazer Fund
Round Activity Table
Round Activity Table Sale price$250.00
General Donation to The Red Blazer Fund
Stacking Chair
Stacking Chair Sale price$77.00
Solar ShadesSolar Shades
Solar Shades Sale price$70.00
Fund New Classroom Technology
Fund New Classroom Technology Sale priceFrom $50.00
Sit-Stand Teacher DeskSit-Stand Teacher Desk
Sit-Stand Teacher Desk Sale price$1,788.00
General Donation to The Red Blazer Fund
Teacher Caddy
Teacher Caddy Sale price$1,900.00
General Donation to The Red Blazer Fund
Soft Seating Lounge Chair
Soft Seating Lounge Chair Sale price$700.00
General Donation to The Red Blazer Fund
Soft Seating Bean Bag ChairSoft Seating Bean Bag Chair
Soft Seating Bean Bag Chair Sale price$300.00
Curved Shelving
Curved Shelving Sale price$1,400.00
Teacher Chair
Teacher Chair Sale price$250.00
Leave A Mark in Alexis Hall
Leave A Mark in Alexis Hall Sale priceFrom $50.00

SMS is a non-profit registered charity, therefore you will receive a Canadian tax receipt for your donation.

CRA 108028614 RR 0001

US tax receipts are available via FRISBE.