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St. Margaret’s School was founded 110 years ago, at a time when most women did not have the right to vote. We have come a long way since 1908 but there are still many challenges and opportunities that girls and women must be ready to meet as they go out into the world.

At SMS, we strive to give our girls a strong foundation of learning and self-awareness so that they may choose their path and live their best life.

The school motto, “Servite in Caritate” – Service with Love – is central to an SMS education, teaching our students to express heartfelt gratitude by giving back to the community and serving others throughout their lives.

Your tax-deductible donation ensures that our independent, non-profit school continues to offer an enriching and supportive environment, designed to help each SMS student find her voice and her passion.

Excellence Fund
In honour of our 110th Anniversary, we have established the SMS STEM Education Excellence Fund to provide unrestricted funds to enhance STEM learning for all SMS students. Learn more.


What is your charitable registration number?
St. Margaret’s School is a registered non-profit society:
#10802 8614 RR 0001

How does the Annual Fund work?
Gifts to the Annual Fund are used by the school the year they are received. These gifts fund a number of priority projects identified by the school each year and have an immediate impact on our students. The Annual Fund follows the School’s fiscal year: It begins in July and ends in June. The entire SMS community is formally invited to participate in the fall, but individuals can contribute at any time throughout the school year. Contributions are tax deductable.

Why should I give to the Annual Fund when I already pay tuition?
Our hope is to see every family participate every year while their child is a student here. Our goal is never a dollar amount; full-participation is what is most important. It demonstrates to others to whom we appeal for support that those most closely connected to our school are committed to its wellbeing. Your participation demonstrates your support for the mission of our school and inspires others to give as well.

Where do gifts to the Annual Fund go?
Gifts to the Annual Fund go towards priority projects established by the school each fall with the potential to improve the learning experience of our students the following year.

Can I determine what my gift will be used for?
Yes, by reviewing your giving options in the annual fund brochure and selecting the area of greatest interest to you. If you do not see this area noted, either indicate ‘other’ and note what this is, or contact the Advancement Office.

Will I receive a tax receipt?
SMS is a registered charity and all donations are fully taxdeductable. Gifts coming from a donor in Canada, are eligible for a Canadian Revenue Agency authorized tax receipt, which will be mailed to you by the school. Those making a monthly gift will receive one receipt in January. Donors residing in the United States can receive an IRS tax receipt by making a gift to St. Margaret’s School through FRISBE (Friends of Independent Schools and Better Education). Learn more…

We are happy to provide a Canadian charitable tax receipt to donors residing outside of North America, but are not authorized to issue international tax receipts.

How are donors recognized?
All donors are acknowledged on the School’s website at the end of each school year as well as in the fall edition of our SPIRIT magazine. Anonymity will always be honored as requested.

“SMS made me ask what contribution can I make to the world? The school motto, “Servite in Caritate” – Service with Love – permeates my life and is the basis of my business today. ”

Lynda Brown-Ganzert (SMS ’85)Founder & CEO,

Why I give to the Annual Fund – Lynda Brown-Ganzert (SMS ’85)

My name is Lynda Brown-Ganzert and I graduated from St. Margaret’s School in 1985. Today, I am the CEO and Founder of Curatio, a digital health platform that helps patients find one another and the help they need. I am proud to support SMS with an annual donation because the school made such a profound difference in my life.

My parents enrolled me in SMS in Grade 10 because they could see I was headed down the wrong path. At my previous school, I was an honours student and never did any homework – and I went from that to being almost at the bottom of the class at SMS. At the same time, the message was clear that if I was there to do my best, I would be supported to achieve it – everyone was there to support me. I realized that what I had thought was good at my old school was sub-par and now there was no less than great expectations of me.

SMS made me ask what contribution can I make to the world? The school motto, “Servite in Caritate” – Service with Love – permeates my life and is the basis of my business today.

The leadership and responsibility that I had as Head Girl contributed to me being a business leader, to being entrepreneurial and also contributing to doing social good. SMS made me raise my own expectations of myself and I would not be where I am today without SMS.

Back in the 1980s, there were biases around what women could hope to achieve and I believed it would have changed by now – but there are still very few women in tech and I am often the only woman at the table. That is why it is so important that SMS continues to support girls and help them to succeed.

In this 110th anniversary year, I invite you to join me in helping girls reach their potential. The amount does not matter – it’s about building a community of support to nurture the leaders of tomorrow.

“‘Belief in Yourself’ is an important ingredient leading to success in life. St. Margaret’s offered me many educational opportunities that encouraged me to try and be the best that I could be. Success in these experiences gave me increased confidence.”

Sharon Whittaker-Bleuler, SMS ‘57 and Member of the SMS 1908 Society