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We know little to nothing about the writer of this week's Throwback Thursday holiday poem, Santa Claus (Trying to be Up-to-date). Was she a student? A parent? A teacher? Alas, we have very few records from this time. Originally printed in a Vol.1 No.3 of the St. Margaret's School magazine from... Read More
For this week's Throwback, we give you a peak into a science class of yesteryear, in honour of a notable alumna whose name was in the news this week. Dr. Frances Kelsey (known as Frankie Oldham during her time at the school) averted a public health disaster in the United States. Resisting... Read More
Frances Kelsey has a credo that has served her well through the years, and those years have stretched now to 100. Her voice strong and her gaze firm, she offers advice to those who might face adversity: "Just stick to your guns." A half century ago, the Canadian-born Dr. Kelsey stuck to her guns... Read More
Do you remember your first school dance? SMS, believe it or not, enjoys a reputation throughout Victoria for hosting really great school dances, and tonight's event should be no exception. Our girls are excited to welcome their guests (by invitation only) from a variety of other local schools, as... Read More
SMS Alumna, Emily Piggford, was recently featured in the Saanich News and the Times Colonist for her role in the film Frost, part of the Toronto International Film Festival.  Saanich News
Published: September 11, 2012 As filmmakers, actors and fans from around the world descend on Toronto... Read More
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