Student Handbooks

School Handbook

The Student Handbook contains information on school life, culture, rules, and responsibilities, and is a valuable resource to be reviewed by all new families. 

Student Handbook: School Information & Protocols on Moodle

Leave Request Policy

The Leave Request Policy outlines the process for notifying the school of extended absences from class. Please note that every day at school is important and additional absences outside the normal holiday schedule should be avoided when possible.

Leave Request [pdf]

Course Selection Guide

The Course Selection Guide are used by senior students to select electives, and also contain information on BC Ministry graduation requirements and extracurricular activities. 

Course Selection Guide (2018-2019 version) [updated: Feb 21, 2018]

Grade 9 Course Selection form

Grade 9 Bridge Course Selection form

Grade 10 Course Selection form

Grade 10 Transition Course Selection form

Grade 10 Bridge Course Selection form

Grade 11 Course Selection form

Grade 12 Course Selection form

ELL Transition 23 Course Selection form


Residence Resources

All residence related information and resources is available under Residence Resources.