Student Testimonials

This is such a positive environment to learn in.

“This is such a positive environment to learn in. The curriculum makes you push yourself, the teachers care more than any school I’ve been to, and there are more activities to get involved in. They give you so many opportunities and it’s your job to use them and take advantage of them. I’ve developed better study skills and I know how to motivate myself. I’ve learned to live and work with many different people, which has made me a lot more adaptable.”

- Grade 11 student

There is a greater variety of people and personalities - I have friends from all over the world and I'm learning different languages and cultures.

“I had never even seen the ocean before I came to SMS. Now I am surrounded by ocean and live within a rain forest. There is more environment and fresh air here, and endless activities are possible. And it’s still close enough that it is easy to go home for visits. The school is multicultural and there is a greater variety of people and personalities. I have friends from all over the world and I’m learning different languages and cultures. I think the boarding experience makes you more open to new experiences. It encourages you to reach out, try new things and talk to new people.”

- Grade 7 student (boarding)

At SMS, nothing is out of reach.

“SMS has something for everyone. This school is full of awesome people, awesome places, and awesome ambitions. Being here has changed my life, and I know my time here will stay with me for the rest of my life – as much as I have been a part of the SMS community, St. Margaret’s is a part of me too. The supportive, opportunity-rich environment here has inspired me to reach for the stars, and work hard to achieve my goals. At SMS, nothing is out of reach. Here, impossible becomes possible, and dreams become realities.”

- SMS Alumna ‘12

I quickly learned that SMS is like a family.

“St. Margaret’s is an amazing school. I love it because the girls are friendly, the teachers are caring, and everyone is welcoming. I was so nervous at first, but I quickly learned that SMS is like a family; everyone looks out for one another. The teachers really want you to succeed and take the extra time to explain and help you with homework and assignments. At SMS you’ll make friends quickly because all the girls are nice, I’ve yet to meet anyone who’s not.”

- Grade 11 student

People accept you for who you are.

“This year I learned a lot of valuable skills. I learned to speak in front of people with confidence. I learned to express my opinion to the class. But the most important thing that I learned is to trust my classmates. At the beginning of the year I was afraid because I thought that they would laugh whenever I expressed my opinion or even when I just talked. But it’s nothing like that here…I really love how people in St. Margaret’s accept you for who you are.”

- Grade 7 IEL student

I really came to value her as not only a wonderful teacher but as a role model.

“My favourite memories from SMS directly involve all of the strong women in my life; Ms. Pekter in particular instilled in me a strong writing style and ability to write essays (and now papers) well. It seems so basic but many of my cohorts lack the skills I learned involving composing a strong thesis and complementary argument. Since I spent so many hours a week with Ms. Pekter during my grade 12 year, I really came to value her as not only a wonderful teacher but as a role model. I can see myself teaching at the college or university level one day and being able to pass on the passion for learning and knowledge that was so wonderfully cultivated at SMS.” 

- SMS Alumna ‘08

“I am appreciating more and more the opportunities that I had at SMS and how they have influenced who I am today.”

- SMS Alumna ‘09

My confidence grew exponentially over the years.

“SMS for me was always a very comfortable place to be, mostly because I was there for so long. I honestly can look back now and see how my confidence grew exponentially over the years. This was in large part because I was given multiple opportunities to try new things — in academics or athletics —and find where I fit best. Having the benefit of hindsight I appreciate that SMS pushes you to work towards your potential, in every aspect of school life, because it encourages you to find your passions and thrive in them.”

- SMS Alumna ‘09

SMS Slam Poem

Yeah, I go to a girls' school
When people ask me about it, I say:

I am from St. Margaret's and I am proud.

They ask me why, so I say:
We are girls, for girls.

At my school, the definition of a "woman's place" is whatever that girl dares to dream.
Big goals are not repressed
nor dreams regressed into a deflated chest.

When I dream, I dream to do.
No one can tell me "you can't do that!"
No one can tell me my dreams are wrong, that I don't belong because I was born short of a 'Y' chromosome.

There are many girls around the world who so want and deserve to go to school All they desire is an education in a nation with no patience for girls; Their dreams run parallel, their hearts beat in tandem to ours.

Like us these girls have:
10 fingers
10 toes
2 eyes
1 nose

Their passions are strong and like a tidal wave or an earthquake are quick to erupt This passion can be seen as  dangerous  in a place where  women should be seen, not heard.

It is because of these sighs and unfulfilled hopes That I owe it to these girls who I do not know To raise my voice and to encourage others to do the same.

When people ask me about my school, I say:
I don't have teachers; I have mentors and coaches who tell me I have something to give to the world It's true, I do, and we all do.
But how do we find this gift locked under a glass ceiling filled with cracks, but not yet broken.

I owe it to this girl
Who I do not know
Might never know
Whose heart beats with mine
Of the same fabric,  with the same hopes and the same dreams.

When people ask me about my school, I say:

We are a girls' school
We are girls, for girls
In a world that doesn't want us yet.
We say:  we belong.
It isn't wrong to have a voice and to want to change the world.

I say:
We are St. Margaret's.

- Alex Nelson, Alumna '12