Clubs & Activities

Loving where you learn isn’t all about academics; it also involves loving what you do outside of classes. Extracurricular clubs and activities offer opportunities to pursue an interest you already have or try something new. Whether your passion lies in baking tasty treats, making a difference in your community or pushing yourself on the soccer field, there is something for everyone.

Extracurricular Clubs and Activities

Athletic Teams
Basketball Club (Grades 3-5)
Cultural Unity Committee
Fine Arts Week
Fitness Club
Grad Committee
Intramurals (Grades 4-6)
Jazz Combo
Junior School Council
Night League Basketball U11 (Grades 4/5)
Night League Basketball U13 (Grades 6/7)
Outreach Committee
Outreach Talent Show
Peer Tutoring
Residence Council
Residence Trips
Rock Band
School Newspaper
School Trips
Ski/Snowboard Trip (Grades 6,7,8)
Spirit Council
Spring Production
Student Conferences
Student Government
Tech Girls (robotics and technology club)
Triathlon Club (Grades 4-6)
Victoria Marathon

Student Trips

SMS students have opportunities to explore other countries and learn about their cultures and people first-hand through school and residence trips. Learn more…

Residence Activities

Activities organized as part of our Residence Program are open to both day and boarding students. Learn more…

Other Activities

A number of after school activities and programs are offered on-site through external service providers. Learn more…