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Everyone has a story. Or rather everyone has the capacity to create an engaging, compelling story that connects their personal journey to the journey of others. Finding meaning in what we choose to remember (our “peak moments”), and what we choose to share with others, allows us to be in control... Read More
At St. Margaret’s, we try to leave space for new frameworks of possibility.  As a small school, we strive to be nimble and sensitive to the individual hopes and dreams of our families.  We are intentional in where we focus our energies while also being open to the opportunities that come our way... Read More
It's election time for student government. During a panel discussion, the candidates for Head Girl, Deputy Head, and Residence Head answered questions to make a case for why the student body should elect them to office. This was a new format to replace the pageantry of election speeches. Candidates... Read More
Service Day is an opportunity for the whole school (from kindergarten to grade 12) to give back to our local community and live our school motto “Service with love”. This year our Service day was on April 5th and it was organized by leadership 11 and 12 class. This year the leadership class... Read More
Law 12 students achieve an SMS first at annual competition On Saturday, April 22nd, the Law 12 class anxiously awaited the reveal of which side they would first represent - society or a taxi driver? This year’s Provincial Mock Trial Competition, held at the Victoria Courthouse, was a case of... Read More
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