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Tuesday, September 26 In the morning we took the train to another city near Shizuoka, called 焼津市. Then, we went to "Aoi Food Sample Factory" for making food samples. These are the menu samples you see outside some Japanese restaurants in Canada. In Japan they are everywhere. In the factory,... Read More

What's for Lunch?

St. Margaret's School is pleased to partner with SAGE Dining Services for the 2017-2018 school year and beyond. SAGE, founded in 1990, is the leading food service provider for independent schools and colleges throughout North America. SAGE currently serves 21 all girls schools and colleges... Read More
This week’s blog focuses on the concept of ONE.  This is the theme of student council for the 2017/18 school year and extends from the singular to the collective – our School of One.  This encourages all of us to use our individual voices in unity and to keep our focus on the power of a... Read More
Carmen Campbell-Hewitt is the new chair of the SMS board of governors. Campbell-Hewitt has been a board member since October 2014. Originally from Alberta, she graduated from the University of Calgary with a B.Ed. specializing in Learning Disabilities. Campbell-Hewitt brings a wealth of board... Read More
Welcome Back! After a wonderful two months hiatus (which at SMS is a misnomer because we are never quiet), I am excited about the start of school. This summer we had an array of groups on campus taking advantage of our beautiful surroundings and facilities. A core group of us who stuck around got... Read More
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