SMS delivers the British Columbia curriculum in an enriched environment, where subjects are integrated, learning is active, and teaching strategies are responsive to the needs, interests and learning styles of individual girls. Senior School students benefit from additional course options, optional advanced programs and a broad range of experiential learning programs.

The small-scale learning environment at SMS allows teachers to provide their students with a personalized learning experience. Each student is challenged to exceed her own expectations; our goal is not to push students into advanced courses, but to recognize the individual needs and strengths of each girl and provide her with appropriate support and challenges. Students who excel in a particular subject can choose to participate in advanced programs – including honours programs and Advanced Placement (AP) courses – which are customized to match the achievement and interest of individual students in a given year.

Teaching strategies ensure the curriculum is delivered in a way that is relevant to our students. Projects and assignments are flexible; students are encouraged to incorporate their individual interests and passions into how they demonstrate their knowledge of a subject or topic. Their teachers collaborate to create projects and activities that require students to apply knowledge from multiple subjects to answer a question or solve a problem. When students are able to incorporate what they love into what they learn and see the value of what they study in class, they are both more engaged, and more successful.

Our goal is to ensure our students leave with a passion for learning, and are equipped with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to find success wherever they choose to go next.