Senior Years: Our secondary school program

Ask an SMS grad what’s next and you’ll notice something: she has a plan. She can tell you what she wants to do and the steps she will take to get there.

Our Senior Years Program (Grades 9-12) is focused on preparing our students for life after SMS. Our hope is that time spent here will provide each girl with noble ambitions and huge dreams, and our goal is to help her leave with a plan to achieve them.

Foundations for success

In the Senior Years, Grades 9 and 10 are designed to support students as they transition into the secondary school environment. The Program provides students entering the Senior Years with opportunities to explore their interests and develop a solid foundation of study and life skills that will prepare them for their final years at our school and for life beyond.

Challenges to excel

We recognize that learning occurs at different times and in different ways; our learning environment respects the diversity that exists amongst our students and supports the development of each girl. Our teachers consider the best approach for each student and address her learning needs together. We challenge each girl to improve her own performance, exceed her own expectations, and realize her own potential.

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Experiences that inspire

It is impossible to blend into the crowd here; each student will find a place to shine. Whether it is on soccer field, in the classroom, on stage, or standing at a podium, girls will find opportunities everywhere to pursue their passions and expand upon their strengths.

Our academic program is supported by a wide variety of experiential programs that ensure learning is integrated and engaging, and help our students develop a desire and a passion for making a difference. These experiences provide opportunities for students to apply their knowledge, take on positions of responsibility and leadership, and develop skills and attitudes that could never be learned in a classroom. 

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Preparation for the future

We are dedicated to ensuring every girl has the opportunity to thrive – in her studies and career, and in life. As students progress through the Senior Years program, they are encouraged to take increasing responsibility for their own learning. Teachers offer support and guidance, but students are encouraged to think independently and make their own choices.

In their final years at SMS, students work closely with their academic and guidance counsellors to reflect upon their personal strengths, interests, passions and ambitions, identify related programs and career paths, and develop a plan for their future. Learn more about post-secondary planning…

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