Programs at St. Margaret's School

In today’s rapidly changing environment, we are tasked with the challenge of preparing students today for careers that may not even exist yet. There is no way to be certain what knowledge our students will need when they graduate. Instead, we are providing students with experiences that teach them how to learn and prepare them to keep learning once they graduate.

SMS has an outstanding academic program in our Foundation Years (ECE - Grade 4), Middle Years (Grades 5 - 8) and Senior Years (Grades 9-12). Our teachers design experiences that teach students to investigate, ask questions, look for answers and take ownership in the learning process. They collaborate to create projects and activities that allow students to make connections between subjects and apply knowledge across disciplines.

We are equipping our students with the skills, attitudes and confidence to become nimble learners who are not afraid to try something new and who will be able to adapt to the changing world around them.