School Profile

At a Glance

St. Margaret’s School is an independent, all-girls school in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Location: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Grades: ECE - Grade 12 (all girls)
Founded: 1908
Religious Affiliation: None
Total Students: 350 (all girls)
Day Students: 220
Boarding Students: 130
Student/Teacher ratio: 8 to 1
Average Class Size: 18
Accredited by: CAIS and the BC Inspector of Independent Schools

Core Values

Motto:  Servite In Caritate ~ Service with Love

Vision:  Confident Girls. Inspiring Women.

Mission:  Empowering her to set her own course & shape her own dreams.

Read the SMS Strategic Plan.

School Profile

Our School Profile is a snapshot of the academic experience offered at St. Margaret's School. In this annual report you will find general curriculum information, stats on academic performance, and details about our graduates including postsecondary destinations.

2017_18 School Profile Coming soon!

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