Philip Pierce

Director of Technology and Innovation

Mr. Pierce has been working in the information technology field for the past 20 years. Primarily, and most recently he was with FLIR Systems – an international high tech company focused on the security and emergency services markets. In his last 6 years with FLIR, Mr. Pierce held the post of Director of Engineering, overseeing Software Engineering for FLIR’s Canadian software division. Prior to working at FLIR, Mr. Pierce worked at Raytheon Systems Canada in Air Traffic Management Systems. Alongside his work in the IT field, Mr. Pierce has worked extensively in media. He has produced over 500 commercial videos over the past 15 years for the digital marketplace. He also co-hosted a weekly Arts and Entertainment video segment from 2010-12 that was broadcast and distributed by Tourism Victoria and remains very active in Victoria’s arts community. Mr. Pierce has a genuine passion for both technology and communication. He hopes that his experience in both areas will result in a meaningful and beneficial contribution to the school.

Mr. Pierce’s vision is to expose the Students and Staff at St. Margaret’s to technology in new ways, and assist them in understanding new tools that will be of great value to them in their academic and professional careers.  Mr. Pierce aims to make St. Margaret’s School a leader in the use of technology in the classroom, and a model for other institutions to follow.

If you have any suggestions or comments regarding technology at SMS, please email Mr. Pierce. Your input is appreciated!