Meg Foote

Director of Admissions

Meg joins us from higher education where she has spent the past decade working in a wide range of positions including recruitment and admissions, residence life, student services, financial aid and cooperative education.  She began her career in her home province at Memorial University of Newfoundland, then moving on to Carleton University in Ottawa. With a Master of Arts in International Studies from University of Limerick in Ireland, her true passion is travel and culture.  She has spent the past five years travelling to recruit and admit students from dozens of countries across the globe and is a strong advocate for the importance of diversity in the classroom.

When she is not working, Meg enjoys travel and exploring cultural and community events at home in Victoria.


Why SMS?

“Working at a school that teaches through a girls’ empowerment lens is something I am very passionate about and extremely proud to be a part of.  At this moment in history, women are reclaiming their own narratives, and breaking down barriers in industry, politics and media.  It’s important to make a conscious effort to shape and empower our next generation of young women, as more and more doors open for them.”