Simon Bruce-Lockhart

Head of School

Ms. Cathy Thornicroft has been an educator for nearly 40 years having spent time in K to 12 learning environments in a variety of roles, as well as 7 years at the district level as an Area Superintendent in both the Delta and Richmond School District.  Ms. Thornicroft’s areas of interest include leadership development, student engagement, and the study of ethics.  She is passionate about helping people find their voice – not just for themselves but also for those that don’t have the same opportunities to speak for themselves.

Ms. Thornicroft has been with the school since 2010.  She loves working with the girls and helping them see the possibilities of what they can achieve.  The school’s vision: “Confident Girls ~ Inspiring Women” drives its Strategic Plan – innovatively written from a girl’s perspective – and shapes how teaching and learning occurs at St. Margaret’s. Part of the joy Cathy experiences in her work is seeing the success of these educational principles every day as girls stand up, voice their perspective with confidence and lead their peers. Every day, I am amazed at the incredible talents of our students and staff as well as the commitment of our families to embrace our values.

Why SMS?

“What I love most about being a member of the St. Margaret’s learning community, is the opportunity to play a part in the success stories of our girls as they grow in confidence, explore the possibilities around them and discover their voice.”