Physical Education

Physical Education (PE) contributes to both the physical and emotional growth and development of our students. Our PE Program is delivered to all grades by experienced teaching specialists. The Program is designed to provide students with experiences that encourage them to enjoy and value physical activity, and develop the skills and knowledge to become active for life. Students are encouraged to take risks, try new activities, work with others cooperatively, and achieve a personal functional level of fitness.

The primary PE Program is focused on developing skills for locomotor and non-locomotor movements, and acquiring manipulative skills for the use of small and large equipment. Children develop physical literacy through a variety of movement experiences including gymnastics, folk dancing, parachute activities, fitness, minor games and relays.  As the Program advances from Kindergarten to Grade 3, more emphasis is placed on playing modified team games using the fundamental skills learned. Students are introduced to a wide variety of activities and sports, including Tennis, Golf, Swimming, Squash and Cycling.

PE classes are mandatory until Grade 11 and offered as an elective in Grades 11 and 12. All Grade 11 and 12 students must document 150 minutes of instructional or non-instructional physical activity each week as part of the Graduation Transitions Program.

Students also participate in athletics teams, club sports, intramurals, house challenges and outdoor recreation, as well as community and events like the TC 10K and the Victoria Marathon.