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Basketball has long been played at St. Margaret’s School.  Initially the girls played “Netball”, a game derived from early versions of basketball in England in the 1890s and which would, probably, have been more familiar to their teachers.  The Sports page of the March 1911 (Vol. 1, No. 1) issue of... Read More
We’re red. We’re white.
We’re steaming dynamite.
We’re hip. We’re cool.
We’re Pandas and we rule.
Goooooooooooo Pandas! If you attend a U11 or U13 SMS Sugar Pandas or Scarlet Pandas basketball game this is the cheer you might hear to get the team fired up before the game... Read More
Triathlete; philanthropist; award-winning student; 13-year-old. Yep, you can safely say that Colette Reimer is all around a pretty inspiring girl. For her dedication to her sport while balancing the demands of school work and working to benefit those in need, Colette was named by CTV's Breakfast... Read More
Smiling is a relatively easy task for the human body to perform. It is seemingly effortless for just about everyone and even more so for people who are naturally outgoing and friendly. Now, try depriving yourself of oxygen for sixty seconds (let’s say while underwater, upside down and spinning in... Read More
Coach Donna Holmwood, gives a pre-game pep talk to the Junior Girls Basketball team.
  The first place people look to determine the success of a school’s athletic program is up on the walls of the gyms. They look for the flashy blue banners that indicate how many Provincial Championships... Read More
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