Girls’ sports do not take a back seat here. Girls are our star athletes and our most valuable players. They captain every team, they get the best equipment, they win all the trophies, and they get all the glory.

We believe the independent pursuit and involvement in sport outside of class is key to developing girls who will be active for life. It is important for students to learn to choose to be physically active rather than participating only in mandatory physical activity, and they are far more likely to make this choice if their experience is a positive one. If they enjoy playing, they will stay in the game longer.

Our Athletics Program stresses broad participation in and enjoyment of sport; it is designed to keep students engaged in sport and help them learn technique. The experience of belonging and working together as part of a team is not part of the experience for just a few of our students, but for most of them. In fact, 95% of Junior School students and 70% of Senior School students represent SMS on at least one school team. This experience and the learning opportunities that come with it are a reality of being a student here.

Winning is the easiest way to measure success in sports. But the overvaluing of victory cheats players out of the enjoyment of physical activity and being part of a team. The success of our Athletics Program is measured by levels of participation, sportsmanship, teamwork and willingness to try new sports. The idea behind less competition is more practical than moral; when there is less emphasis on winning, there is also more room for creativity and skill development, and less fear of losing or making a mistake, which ultimately facilitates excellence in sports.