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It seems we are always in a constant state of doing, achieving, or being enticed with the theme of “bigger, better, more.” The challenge of this type of striving mindset is that the more we expect of ourselves and each other, the greater the likelihood we will feel increased stress and a feeling... Read More
By Emma Glasgow I am always proud of our small program’s impressive achievements, but often more proud of the exposure our wide-range of programming can provide. The athletic opportunities afforded to SMS student allow for exceptional personal growth on- and off- the playing field, court, pool... Read More
Learning is all about making connections. As I like to remind people, the why is equally—if not more—important to the what and the how of what we teach or expect students to learn.  When learning something new, it is crucial our students understand the relevance and the connection to their daily... Read More
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On November 24, 2017 St. Margaret’s School (SMS) will host Victoria’s inaugural Teachers Learning Code workshop designed for primary and middle school teachers with little to no coding experience to be able to teach coding fundamentals to students. As an initiative of Canada Learning Code, this... Read More
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