Parent Communications

The SMS Express

The SMS Express is the School’s weekly newsletter and is emailed to parents every Friday. It contains important information about events and activities taking place the following week.

Upcoming Events/Calendar

Found on the left-hand menu of this page, the Upcoming Events and Calendar sections provide information about all upcoming events at SMS, including non-instructional days, athletic events, the daily menu, field trips and just about anything else you could possibly want to know. For a list of important dates (including school closures) for both the current year and for planning up to three years out, consult the Year-At-A-Glance page.


Found on the left-hand menu of this page, the news section features SMS news stories, including the Head of School’s Blog (the Head’s Tales).

Social Media

Find SMS on Facebook or follow SMS on Twitter for timely updates. We’ll share information about what’s going on around the School as well as other news and resources which may be of interest to SMS parents.

Contact Us

To reach a specific person, please see the staff directory, or contact the School for assistance.