Written by student Letong Li


Today is the first day of school. We all had to get up earlier than usual as classes in Chile starts at 7:50am. It was interesting to wear the red blazer and walk into different St Margaret’s School with my house sister. I could feel all the curious eyes looking at us.

We started the day with a Spanish test, just to find out where our language levels are. Then it was a whole section of Spanish learning. We learned about the pronunciation of the alphabet, simple but useful greeting sentences like, “Come te llamas?” (what’s your name) etc. Shortly after that we were invited to the board room to have tea with the head of school. She asked us about our stay in Chile so far and showed us that we were warmly welcomed. We also had a short lecture of 45 minutes about the history of Chile and discussed the food and local culture, like empanadas(a typical Chilean food).

After lunch break, we changed into our PE strip and joined the senior running class. The teacher took us off campus to a park where we were asked to do different training exercises and some ab exercises when we got back to the school.


We continued our Spanish lessons in the morning. After that, we spent time with the infant school girls. They were about five years old. Alice and I were introduced to a class that were learning about numbers. All their classes are in English, but they can understand more English than what they can speak, as they are still very young. As soon as we arrived, the girls showed great interests in us. They were eager to show us around and have us join in their little group. We played different games about numbers and made numbers with colourful play dough.

In the afternoon, we went to a senior home where we played music for the elderly. Jenna and Christina played on the keyboard while I played the guitar. Then we gave out our handmade bracelets and tied them on for each of them. Since none of us speaks a lot of Spanish, the communication was difficult. There were times when we did not know what to do next. Yet in the end when we were saying goodbye, the expression on their faces and the warm grips on our hands let me understand how much happiness we had brought to them in this short afternoon and how important it is to give back to the community since this journey in Chile is a very special experience for us.