Written by Alice Brown

Today was our last day in the desert. We got up not too early and got on yet another tour bus. The bus took us to this beautiful place, called the Rainbow Valley. The rocks that were coloured from the salt, were amazing. We also saw some wild life, donkeys, insert that weird llama thing, which was pretty amazing to see in a vast mostly uninhabited desert.

Once this tour was done we returned to the hotel to gather our things and head to the airport. I think we were all sad to be leaving the breathtaking desert, but once we returned to school and were reunited with our host families we were happy to be back.

The following morning we returned to Spanish class. After lunch we went on another fun adventure to the sand dunes. The climb to the tip of the sand dunes was hard work, but the view from the top was worth it. We looked out over the ocean the other over the city. We must have spent a good two hours enjoying our inner child and just playing. We would roll, run, fall, and laugh in the mountains of sand. When we returned to the bottom of the mountain sand was covering our hair, face, and clothing. And we returned home to tell our loving host families about another amazing day.