West Coast Choir Festival

Location: Brentwood College, Mill Bay

Grades 9-12 Choir and Grade 6-8 Choir

“Latitude” Global Volunteering Presentations

Blocks A and C, and will be presenting to grades 11 and 12 in the Learning Commons Language Lab.

Grad Photos

Lifetouch will be at St Margaret's on March 4 through 7 for our grad photos. They will be setting up in Room 9.

Monday 4 pm till 7 pm . Total 8 grads

Tuesday 4 pm to 7pm  Total 8 grads

Wednesday 4 to 7 pm  Total 8 grads

Thursday   4 to 5 PM Total 3 grads

Sitting fee $25.00 cash or cheque. Max 4 grads for group photos. 20 minute sittings