By Lauren Hudson

Congratulations to all of the students who participated in the SMS STEM Expo this year. The event showcased the students’ work in both the non-competitive and competitive streams for this project.

Thank you to the judging team of 10 career scientists and science educators who spent the day interviewing the students who self-selected to be in the competitive stream of the expo. It is an invaluable experience for our students to meet and discuss their work with this team of judges. Not only do the students have the experience of communicating their learning with another adult, but they also have the opportunity to discuss new ideas and receive both compliments and constructive feedback from STEM experts.

After careful deliberation, the judging team this year selected the following students to receive awards in specific categories:

Scientific Thought: Projects where there is original experimental research, variables are identified and controlled, and the data analysis is thorough and complete.

  • Read Speed by Ivey Patrick & Charlotte Poore, Gr. 8
  • Music and Memory by Peyton Harker, Gr. 7
  • Bacteria Growth by Chloe Lam, Gr. 6

Originality and Creativity: Projects that are highly original and novel in their approach. There is resourcefulness and creativity in the design, use of equipment construction and/or the analysis of the results.

  • Chow Time by Maya Arnold, Gr. 7
  • Making Airplane Food Taste Better by Sophia Dickson, Gr. 6
  • To DYE or Not to DYE, That is the Question by Rachel Tait, Gr. 6

Communication: The visual display, oral presentation, and background research are informative and thorough.

  • Who’s Nicer? by Farida Abdoulaye, Gr. 9
  • Eye Like Blue by Madeleine Kelly, Gr. 8
  • Grow…Mold…Grow by Lola Snow, Gr. 6

Judges’ Choice: Stands out in all three categories.

  • Chicken Defense by Alex Myburgh, Gr. 8
  • A Brush With History! By Meredith Clarke, Gr. 7
  • Put a Twist on It by Sophie Chu, Gr. 7