Our school’s commitment to healthy living should come as no surprise to our existing SMS community. From our high levels of participation in sports to our daily regimens encouraging fitness, healthy eating and outdoor activity, our school is “walking the talk” as far as wellness initiatives are concerned (read more about our active school in the latest issue of  SPIRIT Magazine, page 2). Of course these activities are not done for the accolades: in encouraging health and fitness every day, our students learn good lifestyle habits that will last their whole lives. …But then again, it is nice to be acknowledged.

Action Schools! BC has recently recognized St. Margaret’s School as a Success Story for school-based wellness initiatives. Read their take on SMS successes below.

The enthusiastic staff at St Margaret’s have participated in numerous Action Schools! BC workshops where they have learned creative ways to integrate physical activity and healthy eating into their classrooms and school every day. Action Schools! BC supports physical education and daily physical activity (DPA) at St Margaret’s with Physical Activity Bins filled with resources and equipment. The staff use everything in the bins, including CDs, scarves and beanbags, and agree that Action Schools! BC makes DPA easy. St Margaret’s is fortunate to be situated near a forest and has access to large fields and outdoor spaces. The students love to be active outside by using long skipping ropes, Chinese jump ropes, and using their playground circuit designed by Action Schools! BC. The students are trained in Action Schools! BC Outdoor Student Leadership, and enjoy being playground leaders and trying new games.

St Margaret’s integrates healthy eating into their school by utilizing the lessons and activities learned in the Action Schools! BC Healthy Eating Workshop. Students are learning to reduce sugary drinks through Sip Smart! BC!™ activities, and skills such as how to make healthy snacks at their annual healthy eating event. The students enjoy learning with the Who am I? flashcards and Vegetable and Fruit bingo, which introduces them to a variety of different vegetables and fruit. Recently, St Margaret’s hosted a school wide event where they made a giant fruit salad for everyone to eat.

The enthusiasm of the staff at St Margaret’s is reflected by student engagement in an active lifestyle and healthy eating at school. By taking advantage of all that Action Schools! BC has to offer, St Margaret’s is excelling at integrating healthy living into the fabric of their school community in innovative ways.

Source: Action Schools! BC, May 2013

Action Schools! BC, an initiative of the Province of BC, is a best practices model designed to assist schools in creating and implementing individualized action plans to promote healthy living while achieving academic outcomes and supporting comprehensive school health. SMS has been an Action School since 2006.