On Saturday February 3, 2018 SMS hosted teams from across BC for the annual FIRST® LEGO® League BC Regional Championships. This marks the third year that the event has been hosted by affiliate partner, St. Margaret’s School (SMS).

This year’s theme was Hydro Dynamics – how to find, transport, use, or dispose of water and SMS had two teams participating in the main event.

Even more exciting was that both teams took home awards. Team Waterbots, which consisted of: Jools, Angel , Logan , Syna , Rachel , June , Crystal , Brenda and Ruthie took home the award for Best Research for their project. The judges said “this team didn’t conserve ideas, they showered us with information on how to conserve water.” A play on the girls project which was a smart shower head to help with water conservation.

Team H2O, which was made up of: Sophie, Stephanie, Maryam, Naomi, Bethany, Nereida, Charlotte, Natalie, and Yingfan, took home the Perseverance Prize. This prize was awarded to a team that worked hard and showed perseverance throughout the competition.

“The highlight for me was that the girls were able to come together to work as a team. They are from various grades, so it was neat to see them work so well together,” said Grade 6 teacher and coach, Nicole Formosa. “They showcased all of the things that they learned throughout the year and applied them on the day of–they even pulled out some new skills at the competition. It’s cool to see it all come together,” she said.

The event was action packed with 28 teams competing and some extremely though competition putting their coding skills and creativity on display.

“I’m always blown away by some of the  programming and attachments the teams design and build for their robots. It’s also really cool to hear about some of the experts that the teams bring in to consult on their projects,” said Lauren Hudsen, tournament coordinator.

“For me, it’s always exciting to see the kids exciting for the event, coming in with energy and nerves and then being able to reflect on everything they learned. It’s a really cool event.”