By Natasha Carville, Junior School Educational Assistant

For the last six years, I have had the privilege of working with our Junior School students to support the Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island (formally Queen Alexandra Centre for Children’s Health) through a number of annual fundraisers.

The funds we’ve raised have gone towards everything from Dolly Loop Dolls for children having medical procedures to equipment like standers, rocking platforms and specialized car seats. We have also supported the C.H.F School Age Program and Jeneece Place, a home away from home for those families needing to be in Victoria for medical reasons.

Last Thursday, we had the pleasure of attending the National Philanthropy Day event at The Empress Hotel, where St. Margaret’s Junior School was honoured with the Youth in Philanthropy Award (ages 5-10). It was an amazing and inspirational evening!

Our table included five staff members and four very excited girls. Uma Bhattacharya, Hasrut Brar, Kaitlyn Gaschermann and Hannah Montgomery were chosen to represent our school because of their past contributions to our fundraising efforts and their generous, philanthropic attitudes.

There were five awards presented and the recipients each made beautiful speeches about the importance of philanthropy in our society. I suppose I’m biased, but I thought the speech made by our girls was one of the best! They spoke about how honoured they were to receive the award, and why they choose to fundraise and give of their time and energy; it was from the heart and even brought on a few tears from the crowd. The evening ended with many congratulations and photo ops!

I was so proud of how well these four girls represented our school and I am looking forward to this year’s exciting fundraising events!

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Below are a few photos taken at the National Philanthropy Day event and some of our Junior School students’ recent fundraising efforts.