St. Margaret’s School is excited to welcome a group of new teachers to our team. This group of talented teachers comes from a variety of backgrounds with vast teaching experience both locally and globally. We are looking forward to adding new faces and new skill sets to the already dynamic group at SMS.

Nicole Carvalho,  Middle Years Humanities

Nicole has been teaching in both Victoria and Shanghai for the past 12 years in the areas of Humanities, French, Theatre performance & production as well as administration. Nicole is a positive, experienced, professional educator and is committed to creating a safe and successful environment of personal and  academic achievement for all staff and students.

Nicole enjoys travelling, reading and writing poetry as well as playing and coaching sports.

Jennifer Lee,  Senior Years STEM

Jennifer comes to us from York House School in Vancouver where she has been for the past 7 years. Originally from Victoria, she has spent time teaching the sciences for over a decade, including overseas in China at the Dalian Maple Leaf International School.

Her goal is to empower students to be active contributors to their educational journey and cultivate a growth mindset so that they understand they are powerful and resilient individuals capable of evolving, learning and change.

Kathryn Humphries,  K-8 French

Kathryn is an experienced French instructor with many years of experience working in the all-girls environment. As a former professional opera singer, she learned to speak French and German through study and performance of art song repertoire and immersion.

Her love for French language and music stems from an appreciation of French and French-Canadian culture, including music, poetry, food, and history.

Ashley Kilpatrick,  Middle Years Careers & Skills

Ashley is a dynamic educator with experience teaching a breadth of subject matters. As a former Assistant Principal from Calgary, Ashley brings strong leadership and communication skills to her teaching practice.

Ashley is passionate about coaching. She was a swim coach for 10 years before moving into coaching the sport of triathlon, where she developed a youth program and was named coach of the year in Alberta.

Ana Ver,  Senior Years STEM

Ana has over a decade of experience teaching the sciences in formal and informal educational institutions. As a graduate from Mount Holyoke College, North America’s oldest continuing women’s post-secondary institution. She has a passion for and understanding of, girl’s education.

Ana is a firm believer in science as a way of thinking and questioning, rather than as a body of knowledge, and enjoys integrating design technology into the classroom. Her favourite aspect of teaching is the time spent with both students and families outside the classroom.

William Fitzgerald, Senior Years STEM

William comes to us with significant experience in the sciences, most recently teaching second and third year physical chemistry at UVic. His interdisciplinary understanding of chemistry, biology, physics, math and computer science will be a welcome addition to the SMS teaching staff.

William is a musician and athlete, and enjoys programming, woodworking and sailing.

Andrea Paddock, Senior Years English

Andrea has extensive teaching experience in literature, music, drama and dance and recognizes that the arts are essential to developing critical thinking skills and awareness of self and others. Her goal is to generate interest in new concepts, or reinforce familiar concepts in a safe space that lets imagination flourish.

Andrea is passionate about the arts and wants to create a safe space for students to find their passion and develop diverse skill sets.