Saturday was a very busy day at St. Margaret’s as the school hosted, for the fourth time, the British Columbia First Lego League Championship Tournament.  Forty teams from across the province congregated in our gyms to demonstrate their research projects and run their complex robotic Lego structures through their paces.  Putting 271 students in Grades 4, 5 and 6 (including 15 SMS girls) into a confined space – even one as large as our gyms – ensures a level of energy that is truly awe-inspiring! The students were supported by 111 volunteers.  Among those were 12 of our parents and 18 of our students, as well as a number of our staff.

Orchestrating such an operation is a mammoth job. Headed by Phil Pierce and Lauren Hudson, the team included Michael Latreille, Liam Scott and Janine Cowie.  To them, we owe both our congratulations and thanks. A special thanks to Alan Kesser who was integral in the success of the day.

This was a community event, one which showed a broad spectrum of people St. Margaret’s at its best.  The engagement and enthusiasm of our students were both palpable and impressive.  One of my favourite moments of the day occurred when our team participants started to dance spontaneously as they waited for the judges to complete their deliberations.  Others picked up on their lead, and soon the whole South gym witnessed a very large conga line.

Just three days earlier, the school held an open house.  Many of our own families came with their children to see the demonstrations in the classrooms, and they were joined by approximately 40 new families who came to explore the school.  Again, we had a great many students involved as hosts – touring the new families and taking part in the demonstrations.  I was struck by how proud of the school the students were, how well they engaged with our visitors, and how much they enjoyed the event.

This was a busy week for the school – and a good one. I am a great believer that one cannot market a school effectively through a brochure or video: it takes a personal visit.  Beyond the listing of all the programs and the other statistics, what ultimately “sells” a school is the feeling that one gets on campus, the often-unarticulated values that are woven into the fabric of the institution.  By that measure, a great many people experienced the fact this week that St. Margaret’s is a most attractive option!

On your behalf, my thanks to everyone involved in organizing and hosting these two events.

Simon Bruce-Lockhart

Head of School (Interim)