On Saturday, February 4, twenty nine teams from across BC competed at the annual BC Regional Championship Tournament for FIRST LEGO League, hosted at St. Margaret’s School. Here is a recap of the event from our students’ point of view.

Hi! We’re Sera, Syna, Esha, Naomi, Zara, Haima and Anna,
and we are representatives of the three Robotics Club teams at SMS!

Our teams are the Mechanical 4’s, The FUNtastic 5’s, and the Gear Girlz.

Haima: Robotics is time when we brainstorm ideas, share opinions and make decisions  as a group. You’ll also learn to build and program robots and learn more about science and technology!

Zara: We prepared for the regional competition that was held at SMS on February 4th. In addition to playing with a LEGO robot, all three teams worked on a project to help make our interactions with animals better.

Haima: The Mechanical 4s investigated how pesticides are killing honey bees.

Sera: The FUNtastic 5’s project was about the rabbits being abandoned on Highway One. We chose this project because we wanted to do something about the bunnies.

Sophie: Did you know that this problem started by one person dropping of a pet rabbit? We created a survey called “What Pet Should You Get?” and the idea was to help reduce people having unwanted pets.

Anna: The Gear Girlz’s, project was about carmine which is a colourant that comes from the cochineal beetle. We found out is that carmine is in lots of products which means lots of beetles are being killed just to make a red colouring. So we educated our school about this and made lip gloss that had no carmine in it and we sold it at school.

Sophie: The other important part of robotics was building and programming a LEGO robot to complete a variety of missions. We had to do them all without touching the robot.

Haima: One of the missions we completed during the tournament was the Dog Walker and the Shark tank.

Sera:  When you pass the gate it will activate the dog to sit and the blind person to get in a walking position. This challenge is worth 15 points.

Esha: Another mission that we did was the Shark mission, for the Shark Mission what we had to do is program it and also we had to get the Shark Tank into the box.

Syna: We also did the pig mission. To complete this mission you needed to bring the pig back to base without touching the robot. When the pig is in base you will attach a lego leg.

Haima: We also had three different interviews with a panel of judges: a project, team work and technical design interview. At the end of the day, the awards were announced.

Esha: The FUNtastic 5s won the Inspiration Award.

Anna: At the tournament the Gear Girlz won the Teamwork Award.

Naomi: During the competition I enjoyed watching how the other teams performed and also I found it fun because we were the hosts.

Syna: We all had so much fun, and I hope to do it again next year!

Sera: We also want to say a huge thank you to our parent volunteer coaches, Mark and Keith. We have a framed photo of the teams for each of them.


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