Oh no! 6 am wake-up call. We are so tired but we have to get up to have breakfast at the Croce di Malta hotel, get our suitcases ready down at the hotel lobby and then head up to Venice. We don’t want to leave Florence, it is such a beautiful city! But we are anxious to live new experiences and get to know new cities. It was a four hour drive to Venice, but it went by so fast! We all fell asleep. When we arrived to Venice, the bus dropped us off at the sky train terminal. We then we took the sky train directly to the city centre.

Of course we had to enter the city walking, as there are no cars in Venice. We had to cross a stairs-bridge and carrying our suitcases and everything to the hotel. It was so tiring, but we knew it was going to be worth it. We dropped off our suitcases at the hotel because our rooms were still not ready. Then we walked to the Rialto Bridge to meet our tour guide. Our tour guide showed us St. Marks Square and the rest of the city. It was so interesting to learn about the history of Venice, how people in ancient times developed a city surrounded by water and full of beauty. While heading back to the hotel, we got lost. It is impossible not to get lost in the confusing and narrow streets of Venice without help. At the hotel everything went perfect; we had a great dinner and played games. This was our first day with sun so we got to use our shorts! We love Venice.