Today we did a lot of traveling. We woke up, had breakfast and then hopped on a bus to Florence. It took us awhile to get out of the busy city of Rome, but once we left the scenery was beautiful. We drove for about three hours, taking a break for snacks on the way, before we stopped in Siena.

We toured Siena for a couple of hours, learning lots of colourful history. We took a short walking tour through Siena, before taking a break for lunch and shopping. The square we stopped in was called Plaza del campo, where we met up with some flamboyant locals. The sun was shinning on the beautiful square which was a nice change for us.

We traveled on the bus for another hour to Florence. On the bus we were told to dress up for dinner and that there would be a special surprise after. Once we got to the hotel we got the chance to go up to the roof top garden and take pictures. At the garden we found an amazing view across the rooftops of Florence. We took a group photo as well as many individual ones. When we were done we all headed to our rooms and began getting ready. It took a while and it was a bit stressful but it was well worth it because everyone looked beautiful. We arrived at the restaurant and had a delious meal. It was three courses which consisted of pasta, salad and meat, and tiramisu for dessert. After, we begged our chaperones to tell us the surprise but they wouldn’t give it up. Finally, after what seemed like years, we got to the surprise!

It was a CLUB (don’t worry parents it was for teens and school tour groups.) We listened to our chaperones sing karaoke with angelic voices and then danced all night (just kidding). When we got back we went straight to bed.

We had a lot of fun and we’re really excited for tomorrow!