It’s been a long way up to Paris! We were travelling for 18 hours on a train. We were supposed to get to Paris by 10 a.m. but there were technical issues so we had to wait 4 more hours somewhere near the France/Switzerland border while they fixed the train. While we were waiting we played cards and ate some lunch on the train. It was a different experience. We had never slept on a train before in a room of 2×3 meters with 6 people. It was fun, even though we were all squished in it.

We finally arrived to Paris at 2:30 p.m. and met Sofie, our tour guide, who gave us a bus tour on our way to the hotel. We got to the hotel and had 1 hour to get ready for the next activity. We were tired but excited at the same time.

Sofie explained to us how to get to the hotel if one of us got lost and then we went for a walking tour for 30 min. After that we had a delicious dinner. It was probably one of the best on the trip and then we went to visit the Basilica of the holy heart of Montmartre. It was beautiful! We also enjoyed a view of all Paris.  Next we had 1 hour of free time! We bought souvenirs and some of the girls had self portraits done. Someone was even given a rose by a Canadian boy.  Finally we walked down to the hotel and went to sleep. Can’t wait for tomorrow to visit new places!