Finally! 8am wake up call, even though some girls didn’t heard it and woke up a little bit late. We had to get our suitcases down in the lobby by 9:30am and leave them there for the day. Today we were so excited because we were having our first gondola ride in Venice! It was the most amazing experience we have done, the views were great and it was incredible how the guys could be standing up and controlling the gondola. In my gondola the guy told us that there were 405 gondolas in Venice and all were working at the same time. Imagine the traffic! Venice is the only place where you can ride a gondola. After our great experience we walked to the church called San Marco. We all went in and walked around. The walls have little mosaics of colours. It is a really pretty church. This was the best part of the day.

We all went shopping and saw stores that are only in Europe, but also the ones that we have in Canada. Some of the girls shopped and other ones went for lunch or gelato. We bought souvenirs for our families and friends in Canada, Mexico and China. It was getting a little late and we had to go back and get our suitcases for the train to Paris. We walked to the train station and there we bought pizza and snacks for the night. It was our last day with Antonella, our tour director. When her train was about to leave we all said goodbye and we some of us cried. She thanked us for the great trip she had had. Antonella was the best tour director we could have and also she was very funny. Finally we got to load our train to Paris. We were super excited but also sad because we didn’t want to leave Italy. It has been the best trip of the year. Now we are all going to sleep and wait until we arrive to our new adventures in France!