Today we had to wake up really early which was horrible because of our jet lag. We walked to the Spanish Steps, and since there was a marathon, the roads were closed to vehicles. The steps were occupied by a huge brass band and clumps of tourists. We climbed the steps and walked to Pincio Terrace, a park overlooking Rome. A group of horseback riders came in and offered people rides and pictures on the horses. After that, we walked to Piazza di Popolo – the Plaza of the People, which was the meeting place in Ancient Rome. After all that walking we were starving and ate lunch (pizza) at this cool Italian fast food place/grocery store/chocolate shop. After lunch we walked to Trevi Fountain which was MASSIVE and threw our coins into the water. In order for your wish to come true, you have to face away from the fountain and throw the coin over the shoulder opposite to your throwing hand. Tina’s almost hit a lady in the face. Then we went to the Colosseum which is actually called the Favian Ampitheatre.

It was very, very, very cold and windy, but it was nice learning about the bloody fights and executions that took place in the arena. We started walking to the Roman Forum and 6 huge army jets flew overtop of us, trailing the colours of the Italian flag (not the Irish flag for St. Patricks Day as some girls thought). After visiting this place on top of a hill we went back to our hotel and then to dinner.  Tomorrow “The Vatican”!