Forty-one SMS students were among more than 400 delegates to attend the Model UN (MUN) Global Goals Conference at Shawnigan Lake School on Tuesday, October 23.

Students researched, debated and designed solutions in regard to issues such as climate action, gender equality, healthcare, and quality education.

A standout amongst the crowd was Ines Khouider, Grade 10 student and MUN veteran. Ines, who represented the delegation of China, took home the award for ‘Best Delegate’ in the Affordable and Clean Energy Committee.

Ines, who is well-versed in public speaking and debate, said she was thoroughly impressed by how well everyone prepared and how seriously everyone took the event–with 41 delegates, it was the largest delegation SMS has ever sent to a MUN Conference.

“It takes courage to raise your placard to speak and, in the beginning, it can be really hard to completely trust that you have something valid to add to the conversation. Your inner critic can get the best of you, but the key is having confidence in yourself and what you have to say,” said Ines.

“I think it’s a skill you build over time and with practice.”

Grade 9 student Sakura Hu, representing the delegation of the United Kingdom, received the ‘Honourable Mention’ award in the Decent Work and Economic Growth Committee.

A special congratulations to the entire MUN team for their incredible representation of St. Margaret’s School.

“I was thoroughly impressed by the level of teamwork and camaraderie among the girls. Many of them were first time MUN participants, so to speak and debate in public was a real challenge for some of them, particularly the younger girls,” said Mr. Trapp, IEL Advisor and Coordinator.

“The confidence of the girls coming away from this event was just brilliant, it was great to see,” he said.