The St. Margaret’s School Society holds an election annually to fill vacancies on the Board of Governors. This year’s election will be held on April 9, 2019.. The By-Laws of the St. Margaret’s School Society require that a call for nominations is published 60 days prior to the election, which is February 9, 2019, with nominations closing 30 days in advance, on March 9, 2019.

Though the election is held once a year, recruitment of appropriate candidates for the Board is a year-round task for the Governors. The Board tracks the skill sets needed through a competency matrix and by examining the goals and work load of each committee. As seats are vacated by terms ending and attrition, the Governors use their resources, contacts and knowledge of the SMS community to bring forward candidates who may meet the needs of the Board. In addition to recruiting people with specific expertise, the Governors seek to create a Board that represents all constituents, with a mix of current/past parents/ grandparents, alumnae, and members of the larger Victoria community. The Canadian Association of Independent Schools (CAIS) recommends this balance to give the Governors a broad spectrum of views and input when discussing issues of strategic and fiduciary significance. Candidates may be nominated by a fellow SMS community member or may self-nominate.

This year, the Board is seeking candidates with previous governance or legal expertise, IT and Finance skill sets. However, parents and community members with a strong commitment to girls’ education are always welcome as nominees.  Each candidate must complete a nomination form, meet by phone or in person with the Board Chair, complete a criminal records check, provide a biography and recent photo.

The Board has four standing and two ad hoc committees where the Governors may invite community members to join for one-year terms without standing for election, thus allowing individuals to determine if the work of the Board is something they wish to participate in more fully, and providing the Governors with an opportunity to discover if there is a good fit.

We encourage you to support St. Margaret’s by committing your time, skills, and resources to the Board of Governors or by nominating someone with expertise to contribute to the Board. Please contact Bernard Tonks, Chair of the Nomination and Succession Planning Committee between February 9th and March 9th.

For more info contact:
Carmen Campbell Hewitt
Board Chair, SMS Board of Governors


Bernard Tonks
Board member