By Emma Glasgow

It has been another exciting two weeks for SMS Athletics. It’s championship time for many of our teams and our athletes took the pool, race course and court with pride and prowess. Whether you’re new to a sport, looking for fun and fitness, or wanting to challenge for a ribbon, the St. Margaret’s student-athlete embodies the pursuit of excellence.

I know what you’re thinking, Excellence doesn’t come until May, but the good news is, you don’t have to spend long in athletics to quickly have it reframed that excellence is a constant pursuit. It comes from the trying something new, from the daily practice, from the first volleyball set, cross-country race, quarter of the game, to the last. The St. Margaret’s athlete is always striving, always reframing and always pursuing excellence.

MY Soccer

The team finished off the season with their strongest team performance. Once again, sunshine followed them wherever they played. Bouncing back from a loss against Lansdowne, they rallied together to play solid defense and moved the ball well. With coach-in-training, Regina Ramirez calling the plays, striker Aitana Goycoolea found the back of the net to score the team’s 2nd goal of the season, and lead the team to a draw with cross-town rival St. Michael’s University School. Congratulations to all team members on a fun and rewarding MY Soccer season.

MY Basketball

When one season ends, another begins and often without pause. This was the case for the MY Competitive Basketball team who already have two league games under their belt. On Monday, October 22, the team played host to Glanford Middle School. In this exciting and entertaining match-up, SMS demonstrated patience offensively as they moved the ball effortlessly and waited for great scoring opportunities. On defense, the team though outsized, were assertive, seizing loose balls and steals wherever possible. Next up, the comp team will build towards their next match-up with Spencer Middle School in another home game on Monday, November 5th. Catch the action at 3:45 pm.

With one of the largest pools of talent and interest, this year we are entering a team in both the Competitive 7/8 girls & Recreational 7/8 girls leagues. Keep an eye out for the rec team as they take to the court in their first jamboree on Wednesday, November 7th at Central!

Cross Country

The last couple weeks of the cross-country season are always the most exciting! At this point in the season athletes are seasoned racers. Each athlete has experienced the grind of long races against the region’s top competitors and are ready for the challenge of some big races, including the VISAA Championships (Grade 3-7) at Beaver Lake, ISEA Championships (Grade 4-7) at Jericho Beach, and Island Championships (Grade 9-12) at Beaver Lake. Season highlights include an almost entirely sunny* season, another podium sweep: 1st, 2nd, 3rd for the Grade 5 team at VISAA, a 3rd place team finish at ISEA’s, a 1st place team finish for the Grade 7 ISEA team, and three senior runners, Jamie Harker, Lily Mannall-Fretwell, and Colette Reimer, qualifying for Provincials!

Top Ten-ish Results

Iris Anderson, Grade 3 – 4th, 5th (VISAA Champs)

Nayla Atachahua, Grade 3 – 6th, 8th (VISAA Champs)

Emme Ghinis, Grade 3 – 16th (VISAA Champs)

Abby Nicholson, Grade 4 – 9th, 2nd (VISAA Champs)

Yashita Kaku, Grade 4 – 5th (VISAA Champs)

Riley Greenfield, Grade 5 – 1st, 1st (VISAA Champs), 5th (ISEA Champs)

Charlotte Bedford, Grade 5 – 2nd, 2nd (VISAA Champs), 15th (ISEA Champs)

Grace Tonks, Grade 5 – 3rd (VISAA Champs)

Annika Akeroyd, Grade 5 – 12 (VISAA Champs)

Lois Harnett-Shaw, Grade 5 – 17 (VISAA Champs)

Ruby Walker, Grade 5 – 20 (VISAA Champs)

Peyton Harker, Grade 7 -1st (VISAA Champs), 2nd (ISEA Champs)

Meredith Clarke, Grade 7 – 4th (VISAA Champs-Grade 7 Boys), 5th (ISEA Champs)

Nereida Atachahua, Grade 6 – 6th (ISEA Champs-Grade 7 Girls)

Naomi Corwin, Grade 7 – 11th (ISEA Champs)

Jamie Harker, Grade 9 – 1st, 2nd (Island Champs)

Lily Mannall-Fretwell, Grade 10 – 15th (Island Champs)

Colette Reimer, Grade 12 – 3rd, 5th (Island Champs)

*Jericho Beach included lots and lots of wind & rain

**Nereida Atachahua, Grade 6, ran up in the Grade 7 category.

Up Next: Good Luck to our senior team as they take on Provincials this Saturday, November 3rd at Beban Park in Nanaimo. GO SMS GO!

Volleyball 9-12

The Sr. Volleyball team is deep into the Fall season. The team has just returned from representing SMS at the Independent School Athletic (ISA) tournament hosted by Crofton House. Lots of game play, laughter and inside jokes made for a fantastic team bonding experience and an excellent opportunity to be part of the ISABC community.  The team is excited to have improved their record from last year by three sets and look forward to their final push through the end of the season.


Congratulations to Tahlia Reid and Jamie Harker who dove into Island Championships on Sunday, October 21st! Each athlete put down some fast times and represented SMS with pride. Special shout out to Jamie Harker, who as a Grade 9 in the Open category placed 7th in the 50m fly, 9th in the 100m free and 14th in the 50m free. Best of all, she put down one of her fastest 50m free times ever.


It’s been all focus and drive for the Rowing team as they prepare for this weekend’s City Championships at Elk Lake. All racers look to improve upon their October Sprint results by applying their race knowledge and trusting in the capacity they’ve built throughout the season.  For the first time in St. Margaret’s history, our Experienced Quad looks to defend their title and three-peat as city champions. Good luck to all rowers as they put-in-work this weekend.