The 2017-18 school year has come to an end, and so too has another successful year of athletics at SMS. Pride of place goes to all the athletes and coaches involved this past year, we had some stand-out performances by both individual and team athletes.

Most notably, the number of athletes participating in athletic endeavors across the board. Strong finishes in rowing, cross country/track, triathlon and swimming have put SMS on the map as a little school to watch out for.

The recent Athletic Awards was a night to celebrate all those involved in another great year, including coaches, parents and supporters. Congratulations to all those involved.

Fall Season

Cross Country,  Grades 6-8
Coach: Jen Walton
Most Improved Player (MIP): Charlotte Poore
MVP: Jamie Harker

Cross Country, Grades 9-12
Season Historian: Cinthia Medina
Coach: Caroline Erickson
Jr. MVP: Lily Mannall-Fretwell (Provincial Qualifier)
Sr. MVP: Colette Reimer (Provincial Qualifier)

MY Soccer
Season Historian: Paige Hudak-Kesteven
Coach: Donna Holmwood

Season Historian: Bella Anderson & Ally Roberts
Coach: Naomi Bar-Hanan, Sean Decter & Reba Kingston
Novice Rower of the Year: Simonetta Ridolfi
Most Valuable Rower: Stephanie Wardell & Nina Corwin

Jr Volleyball
Season Historian: Ana Paulina Del Rio & Fernanda De La Rosa
Coach: Krystal Chevaldayoff & Emma Glasgow
MIP: Ivy Wu
MVP: Lennox Ding

Sr Volleyball
Coach: Ron Mutch
MIP: Lauren Ebata
MVP: Mary Danesh

Sr Swimming
Coach: Emma Glasgow
Jr. Swimming Runner-Up: Camila Garcia Herrara
Jr. Swimming Champion: Ana Bird

MY Basketball
Season Historian: Julia Mannall-Fretwell & Peyton Harker
Coach: Emma Glasgow
MIP: Charlotte Poore
MVP: Hannah Jeon & Jamie Harker

Winter Season

Jr. Basketball
Season Historian: Kelly Tang
Coach: Donna Holmwood
MIP: Susan Wei
MVP: Jenny Qin & Simonetta Ridolfi

Sr. Basketball
Season Historian: Lily Mannall-Fretwell
Coach: Jeanine Stannard
MIP: Lily Mannall-Fretwell
MVP: Mary Danesh & Isobel Donald

Swimming, Grades 3-6
Season Historian: Rachel Tait & Nereida Atachua
Coach: Nicole Formosa
Midget Swimming Runner Up: Peyton Harker
Midget Swimming Champion: Eryn Keser
Relay Champions: Eryn Keser, Julia Lagan, Meredith Clarke & Peyton Harker

MY Volleyball
Season Historian: Kiera McMeekin
Coach: Krystal Chevaldayoff & Emma Glasgow
MIP: Paige Hudak-Kesteven (helpful, kind, worked incredibly hard on serving)
MVP: Natalia Gonzalez

Night League
Coach: Morgan Harker
Most Dedicated: Syna Mangat
Co-MVP: Julia Mannall-Fretwell & Peyton Harker
7th Inning Stretch: Dudley (Michie)

Spring Sports

Track & Field, Grades 6-8
Season Historian: Kyla Gunn, Sydney Gunn & Naomi Corwin
Coach: Annie Maki, Nicole Formosa & Ashley Kilpatrick
Midget Track Runner Up: Kiera McMeekin
Midget Track Champion: Jamie Harker

Track & Field 9-12
Coach: Annie Maki & Nicole Formosa
Junior Track Runner Up: Cinthia Medina
Junior Track Champion: Finola Reed
Senior Track Champion: Colette Reimer

Coach: Jeanine Stannard
Singles Champion: Ai Asahina
Doubles Champions: Ivy Wu & Essence Lee

Sr. Soccer
Season Historian: WooYeon Kim & Natasha Smyth
Coach: Donna Holmwood
MIP: WooYeon Kim & Ariana De Weever
MVP: Lily Mannall-Fretwell

Season Historian: Tesnim Mtiraoui
Coach: Gabby Senft & Julia Folk (UVic, Rugby Canada 15s) & Emma Glasgow
MIP: Alejandra Rodriguez
MVP: Nicole Aziz

Season Historians: Lau-ren Roberts & Katie Tinis
Coach: Edna Ramos
MIP: Chetra Cunningham
MVP: Alix Corwin

Champions Presentation
Julia Mannall-Fretwell
Jamie Harker
Rowers: Isabella Anderson, Nina Corwin, Ally Roberts & Stephanie Wardell
Ai Asahina
Colette Reimer

Dorothi Ruth Meilicke Moore Athletic Bursary
Recipients: Hasrut Brar & Lily Mannall-Fretwell

Athletic Service Award
New this year, the Athletic Service award looks to acknowledge a student at SMS that best exhibits the school motto ‘Servite in Caritate’, ‘Service with Love’.
Inaugural Winner: Isobel Donald

Middle School Awards
Middle School Fair Play: Charlotte Poore
Middle School Athlete of the Year Runner-Up: Maya Jordan
Middle School Athlete of the Year: Jamie Harker

Junior Awards
Junior Fair Play Award: Lily Mannall-Fretwell
Junior Athlete of the Year Runner-Up: Simonetta Ridolfi & Hasrut Brar
Junior Athlete of the Year: Lily Mannall-Fretwell

Senior Awards
Senior Fair Play Award: Kaitlyn Mingo
Senior Athlete of the Year Runner-Up: Girija Bhatnagar & Natasha Smyth
Senior Athlete of the Year: Colette Reimer

Coach Thank You
Emma Glasgow
Deb Scott
Paula Procyshyn
Nicole Formosa
Krystal St Germain
Donna Holmwood
Naomi Bar-Hanan
Reba Kingston
Sean Decter
Avila Rhodes
Jeanine Stannard
Ron Mutch
Caroline Erickson
Jen Walton
Annie Maki
Edna Ramos
Gabby Senft
Julia Folk