After more than 40 years in education – in both all-boys and coed schools – this is my first experience of an all-girls school, and I continue to learn!  Last evening, at the Cirque de SMS, I had another lesson in the advantages of the all-girls environment.

The majority of the performers came from the Middle School, with Grade 5 figuring most prominently.  The audience was treated to a wide variety of dance, singing, recitation – and even a magic show!  There was not a single moment when I was not entirely drawn in.  In a word, I was enchanted by the entire performance. Further than that, I was very forcibly struck by how completely at ease even the youngest of performers appeared to be on stage.

I am a veteran of student performances, and I certainly recognize that students today are more at ease performing in front of their peers than they were in the distant past of my own school years.  That said, standing in the middle of a stage in front of several hundred people and singing a cappella is not for the faint of heart.  That so many of our students – from age nine up – felt happy and proud and safe to do that speaks volumes about the school environment of St. Margaret’s.

To everyone involved in last week’s performance, my sincerest congratulations – and thanks.