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Today we woke up at 8 am which was late for what we were used to, giving us some time to rest after 11 days of walking. We were very exited but sad at the same time because it was our last day in Paris, but as always we knew that an amazing day was coming. We had breakfast at 8:30 and left at about... Read More
Today we woke up at 6 which was really early. We were very tired because we have been walking for almost 11 days but we were excited for the new day and the new adventures to come. We had breakfast at the hotel and we got into the bus at 7:30. We were going to the Loire Valley to see the castles... Read More
Today we woke up at around eight in the morning and after eating breakfast we made our way to the Gallery Lafayette for some shopping. We had 2 hours to browse around all the high end designer shops which was awesome but also everything was pretty pricey. Then we went to the Champs Elysées... Read More
Today we woke up fairly early, which was around 6 a.m. We ate our first breakfast in Paris which was different from Italy, but equally delicious. Then we got ready to go as per usual. We walked to the palace that the kings used to live in before they lived in the Louvre. It was really beautiful and... Read More
It's been a long way up to Paris! We were travelling for 18 hours on a train. We were supposed to get to Paris by 10 a.m. but there were technical issues so we had to wait 4 more hours somewhere near the France/Switzerland border while they fixed the train. While we were waiting we played cards and... Read More
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