Welcome to the incoming Head Girl

Dear Becky,

First of all, major congratulations are in order! To be elected Head Girl is one of the highest honours one can be offered by their peers. Let me just say, you deserve it!

This year was a trial run at a new council system, so with it came challenges and obstacles that we as a council had to overcome. As with any new thing, you learn by trial and error. This is something you must always keep in the back of your mind as you head in to next year- it helped me tremendously. Don’t get too upset when things don’t work out the way you want them to. This is just the way things are, there will always be ups and downs; there will always be successes and failures. What you need to remember, however, is that everyone recognizes your hard-working spirit and unique, fun-loving personality. Don’t let the busy-ness and stress next year will bring wear that down. Instead, let it allow your perseverance and determination shine through. ‘Roll with the punches’, as they say, and make every mistake an opportunity to learn and grow. I promise, mistakes are a healthy element of the path to success.

Another thing to remember is that you have a council to support you. Rather than taking on too much, and spreading your talents and abilities too thin, delegate, delegate, delegate! It truly does make the year better, as every individual you will work with as part of your executive is a fantastic, motivated student, with charisma and a positive attitude. They all have skills to share and bring to the table, learn to embrace and encourage those, and you will go far!

Getting to know you, and your fantastic work-ethic over the last few years, leaves me confident that you, along with Vivian and next year’s council, will have a tremendous impact on the St. Margaret’s community. Big things are in your future, and this year is just a stepping stone full of learning opportunities; take risks, try new things. Next year is your chance to help make your mark on SMS, and help shape it into the place you imagine it to be. Know that you always have the support of your team, and even me if you should ever need it (gone but not forgotten, I hope?)!

Next year will be amazing, and now that you have experienced what the new system of council looks like, you know in part the layout of the year as you head in to September. Keep your head up and eyes open; this will ensure you allow every moment to fulfill its true potential. Enjoy your year Becky, it will be a great one!


Alex Nelson, Head Girl 2011-2012

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