Video of Head Girl Election Panel

It's election time for student government. During a panel discussion, the candidates for Head Girl, Deputy Head, and Residence Head answered questions to make a case for why the student body should elect them to office. This was a new format to replace the pageantry of election speeches. Candidates did not know the questions in advance, but demonstrated they had well-prepared to anticipate lines of discussion. Student government at SMS is a great example of student voice in action and the elections are always inspiring to hear from our strongest leaders. It's also an excellent opportunity to engage students in practicing good citizenship and the importance of getting out the vote to share their voice. (photo above: Foundation Years students get out the vote - an SMS first! In previous years voting has been limited to upper grades. Citizenship starts early here and this is another great measure to help girls find and exercise their voice).

Head Girl Election Pitch from st_margarets on Vimeo.

Head Girl Election Panel from st_margarets on Vimeo.


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