Throwback Thursday: From the SMS Archives

Do you remember your first school dance?

SMS, believe it or not, enjoys a reputation throughout Victoria for hosting really great school dances, and tonight's event should be no exception. Our girls are excited to welcome their guests (by invitation only) from a variety of other local schools, as is the tradition. In honour of tonight's event and "Throwback Thursday," we just had to share this treasure we found in the SMS Archives this week: a dance card from the very early years of our school's existance.

This is Ruth Jones' dance card from 24 February 1911 -- looks like a young fellow named Douglas was quite the going concern, doesn't it? Dance cards were quite popular at formal dances up until World War I. Pictured below are the Jones sisters, left to right: Norah Jones, Unknown student, Ruth Jones, and Gwenllyan “Tickie” Jones.

The Jones sisters were early students of Miss Isabel Fenwick, one our two founding sisters (See page 3 & 7 of the book on our history, Servite in Caritate). Ruth attended SMS from 1908-1913, Norah from 1908-1911, and Gwenllyan from 1908-1913. Their nieces, Christine and Margretta Jones also attended (1941-1946 and 1943-1952 respectively). Margretta’s daughter, Sarah Ruth, later attended SMS for two years, 1987-1989.

Ruth Jones was the editor of the very first issue of the St. Margaret's School Magazine, precursor of the Cardinal yearbook. How's that for some rich history?

Submitted by Christine Godfrey, SMS Archivist

Editing & embellishing by Jennifer van Hardenberg

Archival Notes:

Write up on the dance was found on page 2 of St. Margaret's School Magazine, April 1911 (Vol. I, No. 2) and quoted in page 13 of “Servite in Caritate: The First 100 Years of St. Margaret’s School, 1908-2008.”

“The school dance which was held in the A.O.U.W. Hall on February 24th, was a great success.  The Hall was decorated with evergreens and on each side and end of the balcony were large red shields with “S.M.S.” on them in white letters.  The walls of the supper room were decorated with flags and the tables with red tulips.  The dance started about 7:30 p.m. and ended about 12 p.m.  Miss Thain played.  A great many pretty costumes were there, and all the girls and boys had a lovely time.  The girls wish to thank the Misses Fenwick very, very much for giving them such an enjoyable evening, also to Miss Witton for helping so much with the decorations.”

Source:  “School News,” SMS Magazine, April 1911, p. 2.  The dance was held in the Ancient Order of United Workmen Hall at 808/810 Yates Street.

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