Throwback Thursday: From the [Christmas] Archives

We know little to nothing about the writer of this week's Throwback Thursday holiday poem, Santa Claus (Trying to be Up-to-date). Was she a student? A parent? A teacher? Alas, we have very few records from this time. Originally printed in a Vol.1 No.3 of the St. Margaret's School magazine from December, 1911, the poem is delightful in its timelessness. 

Written by Peggy Pearce, the poem reads like a Death of a Salesman cautionary tale for putting too much trust in newfangled gadgetry. It also seems to reflect a desire to return to a simpler appreciation of the fun and magic of the festive season - at any age. Ring any bells for you this Christmas? 

Thanks to the SMS Archives for digging up this gem. (Image Above: a 1911 Xmas postcard featuring Santa in a blue automobile, Source: Etsy)

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A Christmas message from the Head of School

Join us for Carol Service on Wednesday, Dec 10

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