Terry Fox Run - Thursday, September 28

Thirty seven years ago, Terry Fox inspired a nation with his Marathon of Hope. On a quest to end cancer, he attempted to run across Canada with his prosthetic leg. Now, in his memory, people in more than 40 countries take part in the annual Terry Fox run, which has raised over $700 million worldwide. Runners across Canada hit the road last Sunday in 800 communities for the 38th annual Terry Fox Run.

Michelle Twigg, a mother, and former educator at St. Margaret’s School, grew up inspired by stories of Terry’s courage and perseverance. Michelle connected with Terry’s message in a way in which was exceptional. She was a dedicated ‘Terry Fox-er,’ and passionate promoter of his message and values. When Michelle was diagnosed with cancer in 2012, the attributes with which Michelle shared with Terry, were intensified.

Unfortunately, Michelle died from breast cancer last November, at the age of 38. This past Sunday, the Terry Fox Foundation honored Michelle by dedicating the 2017 Victoria Terry Fox Run to her and placed a ceremonial wreath in her name at Terry’s statue at Mile 0.

On Thursday, September 28th, SMS will honour Michelle Twigg and her legacy, during our annual Terry Fox Run. Thanks to an anonymous donation, we created a 1km chip trail through our campus woods. The soon to be christened, “Twigg Trail” will be well used and much loved by our school community. We thank the donors and know that Michelle would have received this honour with humility and grace as the trail represents many of the things that were important to her: Children. Physical Fitness. Education. Challenging yourself to always do more.

You are welcome to join us for our SMS Terry Fox run on Thursday, September 28. We will hold a brief assembly in the South Gym before participating in our on-campus run. The Junior Building parking lot and the hill leading to it will be closed from 11:15-12:15 on Thursday. Students will wear their SMS PE mufti for the day. We encourage each student to bring a “toonie for Terry” to help support cancer research.

Thank you for your support!

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