Teen Triathlete at Canada Summer Games

Athletics Spotlight: Cheering on Colette Reimer, Class of 2019

Being a student and an athlete is hard work. But all that effort is paying off for St. Margaret’s School (SMS) student and triathlete, Colette Reimer. On July 31, she will be at the Canada Summer Games in Manitoba as Team BC’s youngest member.

Getting a spot at the Canada Summer Games is no small feat, but it was one of Colette’s goals for 2017. After a six month selection process, and unrelenting training, Team BC announced their selections, and Colette was on her way.

“It’s a great honour to be on the same team with world-class athletes with so much experience and to be racing at this level,” says Colette, entering Grade 11 at SMS this fall. “I have a lot of support from family, coaches, and my school to make this all come together.”

In preparation for the games, and as part of her competitive season, Colette has been racing and training her way across the continent for the past month, racing in four elite races in almost as many weeks. Although Colette is an alternate for her team, she has had to train equally hard to be ready to race in case of any injury or illness among her teammates.

Canada Games 2017 - Colette Reimer - St Margaret's School Victoria - Triathlon - Team BC Canada Games 2017 - Colette Reimer - St Margaret's School Victoria - Triathlon - Team BC

Regardless of what happens at the Canada Summer Games, which take place between July 28-August 13, Colette will be off to the BC Junior Elite Series in September, and will be competing for a spot at the 2018 Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires.

In addition to her commitment to her sport, Colette’s academic and athletic achievements have garnered significant recognition and awards at St. Margaret’s School, and she has been a strong contender at past Regional Science Fairs for her inventions and research connected to cycling.

Living the school’s motto, Service with Love, Colette has been actively involved in the Triathlon for Compassion, having raised over $15,000 for the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre over the past four years.

Canada Games 2017 - Colette Reimer - St Margaret's School Victoria - Triathlon - Team BC

“It’s exciting to watch her set such big goals and conquer them with her dedication and hard work,” says Cheri Reimer, Colette’s mom, obviously proud of her daughter’s accomplishments. “I see what it takes to become a high performance athlete. But when I ask Colette if she feels she is missing out on being a teenager, her answer is, ‘I’m not missing out, I’m gaining opportunities that other teens don’t get.’”

St. Margaret’s School supports athletes pursuing individual sports and aspiring to high levels of competition. In addition to athletic programs for all students emphasizing participation and wellness, the school offers flexible timetables around training schedules, and recognizes individual athletic pursuits with a number of awards and its Program of Distinction in Athletics.

With direct access to some of the region's best trails, it is perhaps little wonder St Margaret's students show an affinity for cycle-based sports. SMS counts among its alumnae Gillian Carleton, an Olympic medalist currently making a comeback in professional cycling, and the school has a number of aspiring triathletes competing as young as six years old who have participated in our triathlon camps and clubs.

For more information on how SMS can support aspiring athletes, please contact the Admissions Office.

Canada Games 2017 - Colette Reimer - St Margaret's School Victoria - Triathlon - Team BC

Written by Jennifer van Hardenberg, with Annie Maki

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