SMS Students make a splash at Performing Arts Festival

For six weeks this spring, over nine thousand youth and adults participate in the Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival (GVPAF). The festival takes place in venues all over the city in the fields of music, dance and drama. Experts in these art forms judge the performances and provide immediate feedback to the artists.

Many members of the St. Margaret’s community perform in Studio Dance, Musical Theatre, Piano, Speech Arts, Voice and more. Of the participants who perform at the Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival, some will be chosen to represent Victoria as a provincial delegate at the Performing Arts BC Festival, held this year in Kamloops.

This past week, four of St. Margaret’s choirs performed on stage at the Dave Dunnet Memorial Theatre at Oak Bay High School to audiences of parents, students and community conductors. They all received high praises for their strong and beautiful sound from the adjudicator, conductor and composer Kathleen Allan.

On Tuesday, April 11, The A Cappella Choir, the only one of their kind at the festival, performed two songs they have been working on since January. You can listen to their performance of “Stitches”, made famous by Shawn Mendes, below. The song features four different soloists: Jorja Flitcroft, Isabel Moffitt, Annika Tinis and Luisha Barass, who also participated in the Voice portion of the GVPAF.

Later that day, the Cantabile Choir, who received an Adjudicator’s Choir award last year, also performed. They have been working on their Maori language skills for the song “Pokare Kare Ana”, linked below.


On Wednesday, April 12, all the students in Kindergarten through Grade 5 performed either as part of the Con Moto Choir or the Crescendo Choir. The youngest choir had a lot of fun performing their French tongue twister, “Ton Thé,” while the intermediate choir sang a Korean folk song and a beautiful piece called “Curiosity.” Take a listen below.

The Crescendo Choir was chosen to receive an award for "Outstanding Musical Presentation by a Youth or School Choir” and will be representing Victoria at the Performing Arts BC Festival with a recording from this performance. They will also be performing in the upcoming Choral Highlights Concert on Thursday, April 20th at the First Metropolitan United Church.

In the next few weeks, we wish good luck to the Grade 6 and 7 Bands, Kindergarten and Grade 1 classes in their Speech Arts performance, and our SMS Poms.

Break a leg, St. Margaret’s!



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