SMS Blog: Successes beyond measure

By Travis Chater, Athletics Coordinator

Our SMS girls have displayed admirable determination, athletic prowess, and true athletic spirit over the course of the fall season of athletics. We had some terrific results: 5th  in the Island AA Senior Volleyball Championships, 25th in the Provincial Swimming Championships in the Freestyle relay, Bronze in the City Rowing Championships in the Senior Novice 8, and a 13th placing at the Island Age Class Cross Country Championships.

The measure of success of our St. Margaret’s athletes goes beyond the titles, the rankings and the results however. When I watch our girls compete I am reminded of a quote by Albert Einstein, “Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.” The counted results we received are tremendous, but what's more are the uncounted technical improvements, the personal bests and the stories of overcoming odds that don’t make it to the headlines.

Our sr. volleyball team had a rollercoaster end of season. There was doubt that they would even qualify to play in the Island Championships after a late season injury of one of their top players. The devotion, team unity and belief in themselves isn’t something that can be measured, but is a quality in our girls that separates us from the rest.

Three out of the four team members that competed in the Provincial Swimming Championships had only competed in one other meet in their lives. For these members, getting up on the starting blocks at a meet of this level was a success in itself. In a meet with over a thousand competitors, anxiety can be high for even the most seasoned athlete. Our girls swam with composure, set personal best times and showed improvement in technical components of their race that are far more valuable and enduring than the ranking on the results sheet.

Our rowers and runners faced the “phantom competitor.” They braved an ever-changing and, in some cases, adverse West Coast climate. The rowers raced early in the morning with temperatures hovering just above freezing and rough water conditions. The runners faced courses with steep hills and sections of mud that could swallow shoes whole. The inner dialogue and ability of our girls to push their bodies beyond what their minds were telling them was unattainable is a trait few have and a characteristic of athletes that will go far.

Congratulations to all who came out and participated in the SMS athletics program this season. You should all be proud of your successes, both counted and uncounted.


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