Outweek: It's a wrap

By Mary Cameron, Principal of the Senior School

Another Outweek has come and gone; last week, SMS students in Grades 6-12 returned from a week of off-campus adventures that included canoeing, kayaking, climbing and camping at Strathcona Provincial Park (the oldest provincial park in British Columbia); sailing a tall ship through the Gulf Islands; scuba diving in the waters off Henderson Point and Spring Bay; and trying their hand at a wide variety of racquet sports.

Outweek provides opportunities for our students to step beyond their comfort zones, try new activities and experiences, and strengthen friendships. Last Thursday, the girls had a chance to share some of their memories at a noon-hour ‘campfire’. They presented slideshows, skits, reflections and songs. They laughed, they cried and truly demonstrated their unity in their respective teams. As I watched the groups, I could see how they had each excelled in their ‘Challenge by Choice’ and embraced collaborative experiences with their teachers; our students returned from their adventures with greater confidence in themselves and a deeper connection with their peers.

Students, parents and staff may download a copy of any of the photos in the slideshow below from St. Margaret’s School’s Flickr gallery.

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